The Mechanical Design Engineers at Automation Plus have many years of combined experience and innovative solutions. We can turn your ideas into equipment that will make your processes more efficient, less hazardous to your employees, and increase your profitability. If ideas and concepts are lacking, we will develop them for you. With the participation of your own personnel, we will work together toward an acceptable and practical engineering solution.

Our Mechanical Designs utilize state-of-the-art CAD software. We have the capability to produce easy to understand 3D drawings and to provide stress analysis information when needed. Our goal is to have active customer participation every step of the way. This assures everyone that there are no last minute surprises and that everyone’s expectations are met.

Our Community

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Automation Plus is a PROUD MEMBER of the Robotic Industries Association.

RIA is the only trade group in North America organized specifically to serve the robotics industry.


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