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Pre Construction Estimating

Automated Process offers all necessary pre construction services and are performed by a qualified construction manager. Our managers keep up with the constantly changing regional construction regulations, materials available, and all trade considerations.

Preconstruction services include pre-budgeting, estimating, scheduling of services, plan review, architecture, engineering plans, site management, cash flow analysis, supplier coordination and more. 
Other services might include civil and structural engineering coordination.
In the construction estimating category, all pre-construction budgetary evaluations are handled in an efficient and expedient manner to keep the entire project on target.

Architectural Engineering Services in Houston

We provide Architecture Engineering Services and General Construction for our clients, to make sure their specifications are met in all coordination phases of any project design. Whether large or small projects, Automated Process can handle any construction job, commercial or industrial.



With the many different facets involved in construction projects, choosing a general construction provider can be a time consuming task. Keep in mind, Automated Process has been in the business for over a decade and believes that it’s their job to minimize risk for the client by controlling the delivery schedule by and overlapping the design phase and construction phase of the project. Like you, we don’t want projects to carry on any longer than necessary due to our own project schedules.

Houston Construction Project Management

Let our project managers help you to accomplish your construction objectives within your specified time frames. A good project manager will present a clear project description focused on phased development. This will give you the ability to  properly measure expected progress. They should provide a systematic approach to resolving an construction issues that might arise. The project manager is the liaison between all subcontractors and should promote a team environment ensuring timely completion of all construction services.